Please imagine me doing my best impression of Admiral Ackbar:

“IT’S A TRAP!!!”

No, we’re not battling star destroyers or Darth Vader today, but we are fighting our way out of the common traps that stop us from living our happiest lives.

When I first started my business (back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth), procrastination weighed me down and made it feel impossible to do even the tiniest of tasks.

And the weird thing was, I truly did care about my business, but doing the work had become scary.

Thankfully, I learned a few strategies to get me out of my funk and back on the success track. If you’re feeling stuck and unmotivated, then this video’s for you.

In today’s video, we’re talking about common procrastination traps and how to fix them.

In This Video

  • How bad habits creep into our routines and stall our progress.
  • The easy strategies I used to get over my funk when I started my business.
  • Why “doing research” before doing your work is a terrible idea.
  • What to do when you don’t feel inspired anymore.
  • My biggest procrastination trap! (maybe it’s yours too?)

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