Busy, Broke, and Burned Out | How to Recover Fast!

Most of my clients (and maybe you too?) are struggling with one of the “3 B”s of life coaching: you’re busy, you’re broke, or you’re burned out.

The BUSY ones have to-do lists that are 10 pages long . . . that is, if they even have a minute to write the list.

The BROKE ones are trapped in a worry spiral about how they’ll pay their bills and if their product launches will translate into sales.

The BURNED OUT ones have zero energy, and the things that used to bring them joy seem dull and unappealing.

And some of you poor unfortunate souls are suffering from all 3. Eek!

Since these 3 challenges are super common and frustrating, let’s design your recovery plan so you can bounce back fast. Here’s the best part: the solution to all 3 is the same thing.

Watch today’s video to learn how to recover when you’re feeling busy, broke, or burned out.

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