Week In The Life of a LIFE COACH | WITL DITL | How I Run My Successful Online Business

After more than 10 years of running my life coaching business, it’s safe to say I know what works for me.

I made tons of mistakes as a newbie entrepreneur, but I’m grateful for the trial and error that helped me delete confusing tactics and add in good habits to maintain all the parts of my business.

Have you ever wondered what a life coach does all day?

You’re in luck because I’m pulling back the curtain and revealing my personal schedule for an entire week. Prepare to be amazed! 🙂

You’ll see the highs (getting paid!) and the lows (emotional exhaustion!) that come from devoting my life to supporting ambitious Life Editors just like you.

Watch today’s video to get a behind-the-scenes look at how I run my successful online business and still make time for self-care.

I’m doing weekly livestreams to share my best life editing strategies, and I’d love for you to participate. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to join the fun.

Time Stamps

0:00 Intro
1:00 Disclaimer for the haters
2:58 Saturday, Life Editor Academy call, accountability questions
5:26 Sunday, day in Disney’s California Adventure
6:35 Monday, paying my affiliates, plan your priorities
8:36 Tuesday, sponsor call, client calls
10:13 Wednesday, Life Editor Clubhouse livestream, VIP Day
12:21 Thursday, Youtube livestream, business budgeting, free workshops
14:22 Friday, day in Disneyland
15:54 Outro, free workshops

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