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Best of Sage Grayson Life Editor 2018

2018 was a rough year for many of us Life Editors. The biggest edit I made was getting divorced after a 17-year relationship, and I’m slowly rebuilding the parts of my life and business that got knocked down by that massive upheaval. So I’m looking forward to a fresh start in the new year and…

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Enrollment Ends Tonight — No Exceptions!

Enrollment for Life Editor Academy is in full swing, and I’ve already met so many fabulous ladies who signed up and are excited to get started in our private community! (Pssst . . . join us!) If you’re on the fence because you’re worried about the potential roadblocks you might hit while editing your life, I don’t blame you!…

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The Awkward Conversation You Need to Have

Every once in a while, there comes a time when you must have an awkward conversation. “Bob, did you eat my organic kale and tofu salad from the office refrigerator?” “Karen, did you spill coffee all over my super-organized, intricately detailed bullet journal?” And I recently had this awkward conversation with my dog, Skyla. ME:…

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Questions I Got This Week (and My Answers)

If you’re still reading these blog posts about Life Editor Academy, then you’re probably feeling like your life could use a little rewriting. OK, maybe a lot of rewriting. You’re thinking that you’re meant for bigger and better things but this “rough draft” version of you just isn’t cutting it. What could your next chapter hold…

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I’m Going Live Today! Wanna Join Me?

In just a few hours, I’m jumping on a Facebook Live call to answer all your burning questions about the Life Editor Academy mastermind groups. You can interact with me directly on the call, and I’ll also respond to common questions I’ve received through email and social media. Your Questions I’ll Be Answering: How much does Life…

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Is the Academy Right for You? (Must-Watch Video!)

One thing we pride ourselves on in Life Editor Academy is CLARITY! We spend huge chunks of time getting clear about our specific goals and action steps. Strategically planning upfront saves us hours (sometimes days!) in the long run. Academy ladies never sit around thinking, “What should I work on next?” Since clarity is such…

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I Made These for You! Which One Do You Want?

Do you remember those children’s books from the 80s and 90s called “Choose Your Own Adventure”? You would start reading the book and then be presented with a decision to make on the last page of chapter 1. Choice A might take you to page 13 and Choice B might take you to page 78.…

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