Who’s Responsible for a Car Accident on Your Business Property?

If somebody has a car accident on your property, then it can put your business in a tricky position.

You might think it has nothing to do with you and it’s up to the people involved in the accident. But what if the crash involved company cars or happened because your parking area wasn’t safe?

Determining who’s liable for the accident and whether your business is in danger can be difficult because not every situation is black and white.

Here are some of the things to consider when a car accident occurs on your business property.

Is the Parking Lot Safe?

One thing to consider when it comes to liability is whether your parking lot has been reasonably maintained. If a car accident happened because the lot was clearly in bad shape, then the business owner could be held responsible if someone gets hurt.

If there are no signs warning of a potential hazard, then the business could also be responsible. To avoid any legal problems, keep the parking lot well maintained, and using asphalt paving is a great way to improve grip for drivers and prevent accidents. Also, provide good markings to direct the flow of traffic and keep people safe.

Are Company Cars Involved?

If your business uses company cars, then make sure they’re safe. Sometimes employees will have a crash in the parking lot because they’re driving irresponsibly or it could be a freak accident. But what if their brakes fail on their company car and they run into somebody?

In that case, you may be liable for the crash because it’s your responsibility to keep them well maintained and safe. Make sure your company cars are regularly serviced and replaced when they’re no longer safe and efficient or you could end up in legal trouble if there’s an accident. 

Do You Have Insurance?

You must have public liability insurance because your business needs protection if somebody is hurt or their property gets damaged in an accident. Failing to keep insurance updated is one of the biggest legal mistakes businesses make. If there’s an accident and you’re liable for it, then you’ll have to pay out of your own pocket, and that can put you in serious financial trouble. 

It’s best to assume you’ll always be held responsible for any car accidents on your property. Take preventative measures to keep people safe and avoid any problems because you can’t risk a big legal settlement that could completely cripple your business. 

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