Webinar Replay and Get Your Bonuses (But Not For Long!)

That was amazing!!!

We covered so much information in such a short amount of time during today’s webinar, 5 Secrets of Successful Life Editors.

You can rewatch the training below, and please do so quickly because the 3 exclusive bonuses I mentioned during the call disappear on Sunday, March 25.

Webinar Bonuses When You Join Life Editor Academy

  1. Extended Payment Plans for Gold and Platinum Groups! From now through Sunday, March 25, you can skip the regular deposit ($1000 for Gold and $2000 for Platinum) and spread out the cost across the length of the program. With the extended payment plan, Gold is only $500 per month and Platinum is only $667 per month. A $1000-$2000 value!
  2. Edit Your Biz on a Budget Training Course! In this 60-minute video training course, you’ll learn how to save money in your business without skimping on quality. Learn when to choose free options and when to splurge on everything for your biz including web hosting, photos, videography, equipment and software, automatic schedulers, email providers, CRMs, and more. Plus, get my personal recommendations and resources to design your budget-friendly business from scratch. Not available anywhere else! A $300 value!
  3. Edit Your Time and Get Stuff Done Training Course! In this 60-minute video training course, you’ll learn how to make your precious time work for you, not against you. We’ll dive deep into productivity edits to delete your distractions, choose specific priorities, break down complex projects, and rework your to-do list into a supercharged action plan. Plus learn my step-by-step time management process that helps me get stuff done without sacrificing my weekends or family time. Not available anywhere else! A $300 value!

Click here to download your workbook and then watch the webinar below.




By watching the training and answering the journaling prompts, you came up with specific action steps you can take right now to edit your life and business to perfection. No more spinning your wheels or feeling lost.

So let’s talk about what’s next. You have 2 options…

#1. You can start your solo life editing journey and begin implementing the tiny edits you wrote down during the webinar. You have your priorities list and know what’s most important. This option is best if you prefer to work on your own.


#2. You can join our ambitious and supportive Life Editor Academy mastermind groups and get the community of like-minded women who want to see you succeed. This option is best if you like asking questions, getting feedback, and interacting with other goal-getters online and at live retreats.

Either option works as long as you fully commit and go all in.

However, I will say that Life Editor Academy has helped dozens of women edit their lives and businesses and achieve the ginormous results they want in their careers, businesses, families, health, finances, and more. Click here to watch their testimonial videos.

This is your chance to rewrite your life story.

Your next chapter is waiting for you, and the pen is in your hand.

It would be an honor to be your coach and help you and your Academy Sisters realize your full potential.

Click here for all the details and see if Life Editor Academy is right for you. Remember, the 3 exclusive bonuses disappear on Sunday, March 25.

Thanks again for attending the webinar, and I hope to see you in person at our next Academy retreat!


PS, Got a question about the Academy? Let’s set up a free call to go over all your concerns. Please send an email to sage@sagegrayson.com, and we’ll set up your call right away.