I’m Spilling Our Secrets! [NEW WEBINAR]

The strangest email I’ve ever received was from a woman who was adamant that I stop publishing my life editing videos immediately!!!

Whoa! Had I offended her? Did she think my advice on self-development and productivity was terrible?

Nope. In fact, she thought my advice was a little too good.

She went on to say that I shouldn’t be sharing tips on getting stuff done because her friends watch my videos, and she didn’t want them to be successful.

This had to be a joke, right? Sadly, the email writer was 100% serious.

I tuned her out as soon as she said that “certain people” don’t deserve to be helped, and I did what us Life Editors do best: delete, delete, delete!

That strange woman was suffering from a lack mindset, and there was nothing I could do for her.

A lack mindset is when you think there’s only so much time, energy, money, love, or other resources to go around. When someone wins, then you lose. This warped way of thinking makes people cling on to whatever they have and never, ever share their knowledge or good fortune with others.

But that’s not how me and my Life Editor Sisters see the world.

We know the truth: the more you give, the more you receive.

There is an endless amount of abundance out there, and you being successful allows you to help more people and lift everyone up with you.

Today I’m hosting a brand new FREE WEBINAR to share the best I have to offer so that other women can live their ideal life stories…

5 Secrets of Successful Life Editors!

I’ve coached thousands of women through the Life Editing Process, and I’ve noticed that the ones who reach their goals all share the same qualities.

No matter if you’re starting a business, improving your relationships, getting healthy, saving money, or boosting your productivity, there are secrets to success that you must follow.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What life editing is and how this simple framework can help you make positive changes while avoiding burnout.
  • How to respect yourself without alienating others. Boundaries, people!
  • Why the top-earning entrepreneurs work fewer hours per day than those folks with struggling businesses.
  • How to stop making the same goal-setting mistakes over and over again. No more wimpy goals and half-assed effort.
  • The one thing you’re missing to become the most productive, happiest person you know. And it’s not more money, time, employees, or anything you’ve tried before.

During 5 Secrets of Successful Life Editors, you’ll get the exact tools to make life editing a natural part of your day. You’ll use your strengths to save time, increase your motivation, and feel excited about the next chapter of your life.

Feeling curious? Jump on the call and learn what the best of the best already know!

How to join the webinar:

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Date: Friday, March 23, 2018
Time: 12:00 noon Eastern time
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Web Access: https://InstantTeleseminar.com/Events/106404006

Phone Access:
Dial-in number: 425-440-5010
Conference pin: 634850#
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Take a moment to add these details to your calendar now. Then do whatever it takes to be there live so you can make the most out of this training.

Download your webinar workbook:

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Bonus goodies for attending the webinar!

Attend the webinar and in addition to learning easy-to-implement life editing tactics you’ll also get access to 3 exclusive bonus goodies that I’m not offering anywhere else. I can’t share the details yet, but I promise they’ll help you use your precious time and money wisely. You won’t want to miss these!

Can’t make it to the live recording? Send an email to sage@sagegrayson.com and tell me your life editing questions and I’ll answer them during the live webinar.

See you on the call today!