How to Make the Academy Work for Your Budget

I can remember the first time I forked over a ton of money to join a mastermind group.

Paying a coach thousands of dollars in one massive chunk with no guarantee of success was absolutely terrifying!!!

Thankfully, I trusted in myself to do the work so I joined, and I’ve earned that money back through my business many, many times over.

I realized it wasn’t the financial commitment that scared me. It was my own self-doubt and imposter syndrome that was trying to sabotage me.

When I decided to believe in myself, all my goals were reachable.

Doors are now open for Life Editor Academy, and about half of the women who join decide to pay the big single payment, mostly to get the money situation out of the way so they can fully focus on their life editing journeys.

But what if paying the full amount (or even the deposit with installments) makes your wallet cry tears of despair? Most of us don’t have sacks of cash with dollar signs painted on them just lying around.

I hear you! My lovely Life Editors have been asking for an extended payment plan since I started the Academy 3 years ago.

And now it’s finally here!

From now through Sunday, March 25, you can choose an extended payment plan for either the Gold or Platinum mastermind groups.

But that’s not all!

As I mentioned during yesterday’s webinar, you also get 2 brand new video training courses that aren’t available anywhere else.

BONUS #1: Extended Payment Plans for Gold and Platinum Groups!

Skip the regular deposit and spread out the cost across the length of the program. With the extended payment plan, Gold is only $500 per month and Platinum is only $667 per month. A $1000-$2000 value!

BONUS #2: Edit Your Biz on a Budget Training Course!

In this 60-minute video training course, you’ll learn how to save money in your business without skimping on quality. Learn when to choose free options and when to splurge on everything for your biz including web hosting, photos, videography, equipment and software, automatic schedulers, email providers, CRMs, and more. A $300 value!

BONUS #3: Edit Your Time and Get Stuff Done Training Course!

In this 60-minute video training course, you’ll learn how to make your precious time work for you, not against you. We’ll dive deep into productivity edits to delete your distractions, choose specific priorities, break down complex projects, and rework your to-do list into a supercharged action plan. A $300 value!

Here’s the truth: We spend money on what we value.

Someone might buy her lunch 5 days a week because she values convenience, while another person might make her lunch at home because she values saving money.

Someone might exercise at home because it’s quick and cheap, while someone else might pay for a gym membership because she values the supportive workout community.

Ask yourself some “tough love” questions:

  • What do you value?
  • What are the goals that you want to achieve this year?
  • Are you spending money on things that bring you closer to your goals? Or are you wasting it on things that hold you back?

If there’s something in your heart that says Life Editor Academy is the right choice for you, then take advantage of the extended payment plan before it disappears tomorrow.

If you want to talk about how the Academy can help you earn money through your business (if you have one) or how to bust through your money mindset blocks, then send an email to and request a free call with me.

Click here to join the Academy.