No Brainer Tips for Stress Free WEEKENDS

Remember when you were a kid, and how much you looked forward to your weekends?

That’s when you could ride your bike, play with your friends, watch movies, and stay up late. Weekends for kids are a magical break from the frustrations and obligations of school.

But somewhere along the line, weekends stopped being this joyful break and instead became a dumping ground for any work or chores that didn’t get done during the week.

Too many of my clients (and honestly, me too!), use their weekends for laundry, driving the kids to activities, catching up on work projects, and still feeling behind by Sunday night.

And just forget about self-care or date night. Who’s got time for that?

Well, you do! You just don’t know it yet.

Watch today’s video to learn my no-brainer tips for stress-free weekends.

In This Video

  • What our poor habits and lack of boundaries are doing to our weekends (it ain’t pretty!).
  • How to delete, delegate, or delay more of your work to free up precious time.
  • How to use anchors or “big rocks” to have fun things to look forward to every weekend.

Time Stamps

0:00 Intro
1:38 Why our weekends are a mess.
2:05 What to delete for a clean slate.
3:35 Choose positive weekend anchors.
4:44 Your homework

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