I’ve Got 100 Reasons Why . . . What’s Yours?

We’re only weeks away from Life Editor Weekend, and the anticipation is killing me!

This retreat in sunny Orlando, Florida, is by far my favorite thing to do in my business. Yes, it’s even more fun than my Edited Year Planners and Life Editor Clubhouse combined!

Life Editor Weekend is where I get to share my life editing wisdom with ambitious women who want to get organized, reclaim their time, earn money, take control of their health, and much more.

It’s a big event for kickstarting your big changes . . . and I’ll be giving you even bigger hugs! 🙂

So why should you come to Life Editor Weekend? I’m glad you asked.

Here are 100 fabulous reasons to pack your bags and join me for a weekend of becoming the best version of yourself.

1. Kick off the event with a Favorite Things Party!

2. Spend 4 days focusing on just yourself for a change.

3. Get exclusive life editing training that’s not available anywhere else.

4. Feel right at home even if you’re a complete life editing newbie.

5. Dive deep into your personal development if you’re an advanced Life Editor.

6. Embrace the mastermind environment at daily group coaching sessions.

7. Get personal one-on-one attention from me, Sage!

8. Hear success stories from my Life Editor Academy ladies.

9. Discover your tribe of loving and supportive Life Editor sisters.

10. Pick my brain at daily Q&A sessions.

11. Become an expert on the 5-step Life Editing Process.

12. Learn from my successes in my business and life.

13. And learn from my mistakes so you can get results faster.

14. Dream big as you map out your goals for the next year.

15. Get clear about your career and the work you want to do.

16. Develop a gratitude practice that isn’t boring or difficult.

17. Delete bad influences and things that steal your energy.

18. Remove toxic relationships and situations from your life.

19. Define your personal boundaries and standards.

20. Create good habits that stick.

21. Reclaim your health and fitness.

22. Make a project plan to achieve your goals.

23. Rearrange your schedule so everything gets done.

24. Take control of your time and energy.

25. Develop your passion project.

26. Practice mindfulness exercises.

27. Try out guided meditations.

28. Bust through your upper limit problems.

29. Crush your self-doubts and imposter syndrome.

30. Improve your money mindset and ditch your sense of lack.

31. Attract abundance and positivity into your life.

32. Discover how to start your own business.

33. Or learn how to improve your struggling business.

34. Learn how to use paper planners, calendar organizers, bullet journals, and other schedulers.

35. Turn off your phone and enjoy the peace and quiet.

36. Stay in beautiful Orlando, Florida!

37. Bring your business partner to share knowledge with your staff.

38. Bring your best friend to support you and make positive edits together.

39. Bring your spouse and go for a romantic vacation after the retreat.

40. Bring your kids to enjoy the numerous theme parks, water parks, and museums in Orlando.

41. Dip your toes in the pool . . . or make a big splash!

42. You can purchase more than one ticket at a time for your party’s convenience.

43. No house to clean.

44. No meals to cook.

45. No screaming kids.

46. Finally give yourself some downtime.

47. Feel toasty warm in the Florida heat.

48. Get to wear your adorable summer dresses and flip flops.

49. Take a ride down the lazy river at the resort’s water park.

50. Go swimming in the pool.

51. Work on your tan at the pool, on the beach, or on the large lawn.

52. Squish the sand between your toes.

53. Watch the stars come out at night.

54. Take a photo of a gator.

55. Read your favorite book in the shade under a willow tree.

56. Reconnect with your spiritual practice.

57. Write in your journal and figure what you really want in your life.

58. Go for a long walk on the walking trails.

59. Sit on a bench and think deep thoughts.

60. Act like a kid again and swing on a tree swing.

61. Meditate in the garden or in your private room.

62. Make a vision board or vision journal.

63. Go for a run.

64. Play a game and feel like a kid again.

65. Take a nap. You deserve it!

66. Stroll through the shops and pick up some souvenirs.

67. Go shopping at several huge outlet malls.

68. Picnic outside while sipping sangria.

69. Eat dessert after every meal. It’s the law.

70. Wake up naturally without a blaring alarm.

71. Catch up on your reading.

72. Enjoy food without worrying about calories. FYI, all food is calorie-free when you’re on vacation.

73. Eat free snacks and drinks all day during all the sessions and breaks.

74. Meet your fellow Life Editors, also known as your new best friends!

75. Relax knowing that you don’t have to find a hotel room or worry about food.

76. Be brave and honest with what you do and do not want in your life or business.

77. Stay up late telling stories and bonding with your Life Editor sisters.

78. Find your accountability buddy (or team!) who will support you long after the event is over.

79. Figure out what the hell you’re supposed to do in your life!

80. Get an exclusive Life Editor Weekend Workbook for all your notes, slides, and worksheets.

81. Enjoy all the cute office supplies, journals, pens, tumblers, freebies, and life editing goodies in your Swag Bag.

82. Indulge in some much-needed white space (self-care).

83. Make a personal self-care schedule that you can stick to when you return home.

84. Start a new hobby.

85. Take a yoga class with our certified yoga instructor. Get flexible!

86. Watch the sunset and see the lightning bugs come out at night.

87. Grab your bunny slippers and shake your booty at our private Pajama Party!

88. Take a picture with me and brag to all your friends back home.

89. Make silly faces and share the photos on social media.

90. Dance like a maniac.

91. Sing loudly and off-key. No judgments!

92. Did someone say brownies???

93. Wine, wine, wine!

94. Hugs from Sage!

95. Dozens of recommended books, systems, apps, and more from yours truly and your Life Editing Sisters.

96. Apply for and join Life Editor Academy a full month before spots are open to the public.

97. Spend time away from your usual responsibilities and obligations.

98. Reignite the light inside you!

99. Define what being a Life Editor means to you and how you can live it every day.

100. It’s luxury…lounging…and life editing!

Ready to edit your life?

Join the fun at Life Editor Weekend!

Dates: Thursday, September 6 – Sunday, September 9, 2018
Location: Orlando, Florida

Click here for all the details and I’ll see you at the retreat!

Tickets are on sale through Friday, August 24, 2018.