How to Make Time for Self-Care and Strategic Breaks

There’s a funny phenomenon called the “point of diminishing returns.”

It’s the exact moment when whatever you’re doing isn’t getting you the results it once was.

You might hit the point of diminishing returns when that 10th spoonful of mac and cheese suddenly doesn’t taste as good as the first few bites.

Or when posting the same old content over and over again on your blog doesn’t get you the subscribers and sales like it used to.

For me and my clients, the point of diminishing returns appears after about an hour or two of concentrated work. You make silly mistakes, your eyes glaze over, and your thoughts get foggy.

When you’re trudging forward but not getting any traction, then it’s time shift gears and do whatever you can to shake up your routine!

I’m giving you permission to stop spinning your wheels and start taking breaks.

Watch this video to learn why adding strategic breaks to your work day can boost your happiness and productivity. 

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