How to Grow Your Customer Base Without Being Pushy

One of the hardest things for business owners is attracting customers in a genuine way.

Many entrepreneurs don’t feel comfortable using some methods of marketing their products and services because it feels pushy or aggressive and prevents them from getting sales.

But you don’t need to be sleazy sell your products to grow your customer base. Here are some gentler, but no less effective, ways to market your business.

Have Excellent SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) attracts your target audience to your business website without you having to contact them directly, which means you don’t have to give them the hard sell or behave aggressively. Create excellent content people seek out and optimize it with the right keywords and other metrics.

You may want an agency like to optimize your online presence for you, and you can learn the basics and make tweaks when needed. SEO best practices are constantly evolving, so if you don’t have time to keep up with them, hiring a professional is a wise choice.

Solve Problems

Use your marketing to focus on the benefits of what you’re selling because your potential customers want to know how the products will enhance their lives. For example, you might describe how your vacuum picks up 50% more dust than other similarly priced products or how your web design is more user-friendly than anyone else’s.

Connect With Your Audience

Connect with your audience on social media, learn who they are and what they care about, and then create a gentler sales pitch to focus on them and their needs. If you genuinely care about your audience, then you’ll build more trust with them, and they’ll buy your products over the competition’s.

Be available to answer any questions they may have; publish content that’s funny, informative, and engaging; and make your products the best quality while considering your own business interests.

Let Them Do the Talking

Introduce yourself and your products or services, but then let your customers ask you about the product. This gives the power back to them and it won’t feel like you’re trying to sell them anything. They can evaluate your products and services without feeling suspicious them.

Create Great Products and Services

Develop high-quality products and services that are desirable to your audience at a price they can afford. This is the one thing every business should do if they want to be successful because poor products don’t sell and will never make for a wildly successful business.

Focus on Customer Service

Give great service to the customers you already have and they’ll make more purchases in the future and recommend your business to their friends. Train your staff well, treat your customers right, and the sales will follow.

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