How I Set Strong Client Boundaries | 3 Essential Boundaries

It’s no secret that I made a lot of mistakes during the first year of my business.

Like a TON of mistakes. Just file that year under “what not to do.”

My mission statement made no sense, my offerings were a mess, and I routinely let my clients (the very few I had!) walk all over me.

I wasn’t a good coach, but I was a superb doormat.

Most newbie entrepreneurs don’t recover from a rocky start like mine, and I’m so grateful I was able to clean the slate and rebound in a big way.

Ten years later, it’s easy to look back and realize the one change that transformed me from a doormat to a true leader . . . 

Setting strong boundaries! 

Watch today’s video to learn the 3 most important client boundaries you must set for your business and how I fixed my own mistakes.

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Time Stamps

0:00 Intro
2:58 The difference between customers and clients
5:33 The kinds of businesses that have clients
7:32 Why you need boundaries with your clients
18:03 Business Availability
27:36 What You Provide
34:50 How You Accept Payments
47:33 Your homework

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