5 Things to Consider When Running a Hybrid Business

Business is more complicated now that we have the option of working from home.

Remote work might see great at first, but there are some important things to consider when you adopt a hybrid business model.

Work Premises

The work premises you currently have may be neglected when everyone works from home. This can be a good thing because it keeps the cost of your electricity bill down, but there can be issues when the premises is empty for long periods of time.

Thieves may be a problem if you have any expensive equipment. Video Monitoring Systems can help monitor your premises more carefully and ensure employees are not mistaken for intruders when they go into the office.


Taxes can be complicated, especially as we divide our own home bills with work bills. How much electricity do you use in a day at home? And how much of that was spent working? An accountant can help you and your employees navigate the new world of hybrid taxes and what you’re supposed to do. 


You may worry that your employees aren’t as productive at home, and you may consider moving them back to the office. Many businesses are discovering the opposite is true. Not only are employees more productive at home, but they’re also completing their work faster. Track how your teams are doing over a period of time to make sure they stay on target.

Time Management

Time management affects many parents who now struggle with homeschooling in addition to their own work. This has made time management challenging, and your employees may login to their workstations at odd times to complete their work faster so they can attend to their families. Consider adjusting your time management expectations.

Employee Interaction

Work relationships can be lost if everyone works from home, and you may need to find ways to ensure your employees don’t lose their office friendships. Arrange days when everyone is in the office so people can meet face to face, try weekly Zoom calls to touch base with everyone, or schedule team-building activities. You may still arrange events arrange events such as the office Christmas party or employees’ birthdays. Working from home can be isolating so reach out and check in with your employees often.

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