Bookend Your Day for a Balanced Life

Could you use more stability in your life?

Would you like a way to feel more connected and present throughout the entire day?

Do you want to feel like you’re starting and ending your day in an optimistic way?

Of course you do!

I’ve found that I’m more focused on my intention for my life when I “bookend” my day.

This means I begin my day with a morning ritual to put me in a positive frame of mind, and I end my day with an evening ritual to tap into that feeling before I go to sleep.

A morning ritual and evening ritual can help you feel in control and centered all day just like bookends supporting a stack of books.

Easy Bookend Ideas

  • Read. When was the last time you picked up a good book? Ease into your day by reading for 30 minutes while you wake up and end your day by reading for another 30 minutes before you go to sleep.
  • Write. I know a lot of creative people who write “morning pages” when they get up. You simply write in a journal without any agenda or specific reason; just getting your thoughts out of your head in a brain dump. And by writing at the end of your day, you get your worries and distractions on paper so you can sleep restfully.
  • Get Spiritual. Take a few minutes to pray, meditate, or sit quietly in the morning and again at night to connect with your spirit.
  • Exercise. Couldn’t forget about this one! If you don’t have time for an hour of exercise during your day, split up your workout into two 30-minute sessions.
  • Connect. Spend time with your loved ones at the beginning and end of your day. If you can’t physically be near them, pick up the phone and give them a call or a quick text.

Need some balance? Bookend your day with positive morning and evening rituals.

This post focuses on Step 5 of the Life Editing Process, Make White Space for Personal Self-Care. For more about life editing and what it can do for you, click here.

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