4 Simple Ways to Make More Time for Yourself

Everyone wants to do as much as possible to reduce stress while staying productive and efficient, but this means you might not have time for self-care.

Spending too much time doing things for others might mean you forget to look after yourself.

Here are 4 simple ways to make more time for yourself.

Tackle Tricky Tasks First 

Big tasks and projects can be overwhelming and so time-consuming that you may look for any excuse to ignore them for as long as possible.

While simple tasks are easier to complete, they still take up more time than you think, and this means you won’t have as much motivation by the time you get around to the more important projects.

Start each day by tackling the most significant task or chore to build up momentum and make all other tasks feel easy by comparison. This is also known as the “eat that frog” technique.

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Make the Most of The Calm 

You may feel like you don’t have a single second to yourself throughout the day, but there are minutes here or there where you don’t have anything to do.

Make the most of the pockets of calm by avoiding scrolling through your phone or other time wasters. Consider doing some quick exercises or reading a chapter to fill any gaps in your day and make yourself more productive. 

Spread Out Everyday Responsibilities 

At the end of your work day, you might not have a lot of energy to do your household responsibilities such as cooking dinner or cleaning up. You might feel resentful because you don’t get to relax until late into the evening, and by then, it’s too late to enjoy your time.

Get your partner and the kids to contribute around the house to prevent all the chores falling to you, and this extra help will improve your mood and teach them vital skills. 

Develop a Weekly Routine 

Create a weekly routine to make time for yourself. Block off specific time to do whatever you want. You could enjoy a Sunday night soak in the tub with natural bath bombs, read a book, or catch up on your favorite shows. Let your family know you are not to be disturbed, and switch off your phone so no one can disrupt you. 

The most productive and happiest people find ways to make more time for themselves while still managing to live their lives the way they want.

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