12 Creative Ways to Clean Up Your Clutter

I like to think that I’m a real clutter-buster.

That’s because I love cleaning up my workspace, tossing worn out things, and organizing my home as if it’s an Ikea display room.

A clean and orderly environment is a joy to work in, and it keeps you calm so you can avoid burning out.

Many of my clients can break through a plateau and get unstuck when they take a few minutes to clean up the space around them. An organized home straightens up your mind too!

Is clutter creeping up on you? Does your car look look more like a trash can than a mode of transportation? Does your home look like it belongs on an episode of Hoarders?

Today, I’m sharing my best content to help you clean up your clutter for good.

1. Book Review: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. In this video, you’ll learn how cleaning up your home can help you succeed in life.

2. Clean Up Your Clutter. In this video training class in the Life Editor Clubhouse, I’m sharing my best clutter-busting techniques.

3. Life Editor’s Picks: Delete Your Clutter. Life Editors delete their bad influences, especially random clutter that’s mucking up their environments. Here are my picks for clutter busting.

4. Clutter Control: Handling Physical and Emotional Junk. You might not have a house full of junk, but I bet you could use some clutter control.

5. Power Hour! 6 Productive Ways to Use Your Extra Hour Today. Daylight savings time has ended, so you have an extra hour today! Watch this video to learn how to use your bonus time to edit your life.

6. Outer Order Creates Inner Calm. If your home or workspace is trashed, then it will be difficult to make positive changes or reach your goals.

7. Life Editor’s Picks: Organize Your Life. A messy desk and overflowing drawers won’t make you feel like a competent entrepreneur. Try these cute tools to organize your life!

8. How to Do Less at Work Without Getting Fired. Taking on too many projects and responsibilities at work will make your head explode…or at least cause major burnout.

9. Too Much Junk? Pretend You’re Moving. Is your house full of junk you never use? You can ditch your clutter and downsize your overstuffed life if you simply pretend you’re moving.

10. How You Do One Thing Is How You Do Everything. Your actions reflect who you are inside and your values.

11. Allowing White Space Into Your Life. Sometimes we just need a place to rest ad recharge.

12. 10-Minute Nightly Cleanup. No one wants to wake up to a messy house. Doing a 10-minute nightly cleanup will help make your mornings a little happier.

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