Power Hour! 6 Productive Ways to Use Your Extra Hour Today

You might feel well-rested today because (for many of us) daylight savings time just ended.

That means you probably got an extra hour of sleep.

Or if your body didn’t get the memo and you woke up early, you might be a little giddy wondering what to do with those extra 60 minutes that fell into your lap.

  • Should you go back to bed?
  • Binge watch another series on Netflix?
  • Order an expensive toaster oven on Amazon?
  • Eat another sleeve of Oreos while you contemplate your existence?

You’ve got extra time today so give me a few minutes to enlighten you with my best productivity tips.

I promise I’m more entertaining than whatever reruns you were planning on watching. Maybe? I do make an astounding number of silly faces.

In today’s video, you’ll learn how to use your bonus time to edit your life and feel super accomplished. Let’s go!

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