10 Goal Planning Tips You’ll Actually Use

The thing about goal planning is that you can plan and dream all you want, but you still have to DO the projects and tasks you’re planning.

If you find yourself digging in your heels and refusing to do the work, that’s probably a good indication that you need to pick a different goal planning technique.

Vision boards are enough for some people, while others need nitty gritty schedules that map out your time by the minute.

As you coach, I’m giving you permission to try a lot of different planning techniques. Give one a try for at least 2 weeks before you decide if it’s working or not.

We’re Life Editors, and making tweaks until we get it right is what we do!

Today, I’m sharing my best content to help you get a handle on your goal planning so you can be successful.

1. Get Moving! Why Your Goal Needs a Deadline. A goal without a deadline is just a dream. Here’s how you can use the urgency of a deadline to complete all your projects and get the success you want.

2. Watch the Planning Pajama Party Replay and Get Ready for 2021! Did you miss the Planning Pajama Party? No worries! The video replay is now available so you can plan your heart out at your own pace.

3. 7 Ways to Ease a Jam-Packed Schedule. You’re not a robot with unlimited energy. Stop your busy-ness before you burn out!

4. Try Before You Buy! Daily Schedule From the Edit My Life Planner. Download the free Daily Schedule page from the new Edit My Life Planner to boost your productivity.

5. DIY Bucket List Jar. In this video, I’ll show you how to make a bucket list jar so you can make a game out of achieving your goals and new year’s resolutions.

6. Annual Goals Stink! Here’s Why a 12 Week Plan Works. No more yearly goals! The Edit My Life Planner is an intense 12 week plan to get you thinking smaller and more manageable.

7. 10 Things to Do on Sunday to Have a Fantastic Week | Self Care Routine. Here are 10 easy things for your Sunday routine to help you have a fantastic week. They’re free, fun, and will make you feel like a productivity superstar.

8. The Difference Between a Bucket List and a Vision Board. A bucket list and a vision board are similar tools that can help you manifest your goals, but there are a few key differences.

9. Life Editor’s Picks: Bullet Journal Basics. You have permission to start a bullet journal without all the hubbub you might see on Instagram. Here are my picks for bullet journal basics supplies.

10. DIY Gratitude Bullet Journal. In this video, I’ll show you how to combine your gratitude practice with bullet journaling. Get crafty to make a unique booklet to write all your blessings.

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