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Life Editor’s Picks: Card Decks

My desk has oodles of quirky and practical accessories on it: my dinosaur phone stand, my stack of planner sticker books, my coffee-drinking unicorn figurine. But one unusual tool helps me stay focused all day as if a team of kickass women were cheering me on. The Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards make my workdays a…

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The Difference Between a Bucket List and a Vision Board

Are you using the right manifestation tool? I just got back from the transformation Chicago Planner Conference where I taught 2 workshops called “Boost Your Planning Power With a Vision Board.” It was truly amazing to be surrounded by hundreds of other ambitious women who are excited to make detailed plans to reach their goals.…

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So Awkward! Looking at My Old Vision Boards

The most powerful tools I use to help me achieve all my life editing goals are my vision boards. For those of you who are new to visualization and the law of attraction, a vision board is a large poster covered in images of the things you want to do, experience, or achieve. Many people…

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Why I Never Say “I’m Busy!”

The car goes “Beep!” The dog goes “Bark!” And the career woman goes “Busy! Busy! Busy!” There’s an unwritten rule that people follow nowadays whenever they’re asked how they’re doing. The only acceptable answer is BUSY! It’s like we’re doing something wrong if we don’t fill every minute with a constant buzz of productivity and…

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New Clubhouse Class: Law of Attraction 101

I’m often asked why I’m such a happy-go-lucky person, as if I’m experiencing a permanent sugar high. Well, it’s not because I’ve been eating too many Twizzlers (that’s a problem for another day). I’m walking on sunshine in order to live my ideal life. When I focus on all the blessings in my life and…

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