Why You Should Never Have a Plan B

Imagine your dream life . . . 

Feeling good about yourself, surrounded by supportive friends, earning money for doing what you love. Pretty amazing, right?

But why do so many of us have a “backup” choice in case we don’t reach our goals and get what we really want?

When I work with a coaching client, we spend a considerable amount of time getting clear about what her dream life looks like. It’s usually several levels up from what she’s doing right now. 

This is your Plan A, what you really want without limits.

Being truly honest with yourself can be kind of scary. Sometimes that means starting a business or setting strong boundaries. It’s heavy stuff.

Many people short-change their happiness by choosing a Plan B. It’s their safety net. It’s what they’re willing to settle for when they get lazy or let their self-doubts hold them back.

Hiring a coach like me means you don’t want to do your typical routine anymore. Your Plan A means too much to you.

Here’s why I never have a Plan B.

There’s an old saying that goes, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” The idea is that if you put all your hopes (your eggs) into one outcome (the basket) you might end up with a big mess (or a lot of broken eggs).

But YOU MUST put all your eggs in one basket!

If you were carrying precious cargo that directly affects your future happiness (or breakfast) how would you walk?

You’d clear a path ahead of time, walk slowly and purposefully, and constantly monitor the basket so the eggs have your full attention. 

It’s the same for your life!

When you choose your Plan A goal and fully commit to it, then you’ll make progress slowly and purposefully. Your eyes will be on the prize and not on the distractions.

If your Plan A is to earn a certain amount of money through your business, then you’ll devote all your time to attracting clients. You will not send your resume to Plan B jobs just in case.

If you have a Plan B, then you won’t try as hard to reach your Plan A.

Why would you? You’ve got a nice cushy Plan B waiting for you when you get lazy.

The most wins in your life come when there is no Plan B. When there’s nowhere to turn, you must go forward.

What do you really want if you’re being honest with yourself?

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