Spend Time Outside to Boost Your Productivity

There’s an endless amount of content to access on computers, phones, and other screens, and it’s easy to forget to go outside and reconnect with nature.

Being outside gives you space to reflect, helps you remember what you enjoy about your work, and increases productivity by allowing your brain time to relax.

Physical Benefits

Physical exercise is essential to productivity, especially if you work inside at a desk with minimal movement. Exposure to sunlight, breathing fresh air, and using your body and mind are necessary for a modern work environment. 

Spending time outside and exercising helps decrease cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks and strokes because it increases heart rate variability and relieves stress by increasing blood flow to your brain. 

A short walk at lunch improves your productivity, and hiking and climbing can relax your brain and get your body moving. You enjoy the entire process from gathering supplies to making your gear with websites like Rockywoods. Spending time outdoors lowers stress hormones, letting you return to the workplace relaxed and ready to focus. 

Emotional and Mental Benefits

Time away from your laptop and phone alleviates stress and allows you to reflect without any distractions. If you’ve been working on a project or problem non-stop, then distancing yourself for a moment might help you find a solution. 

Even spending time in your own yard increases joyful feelings, lessens anxiety, and prepares your for your work. Spending time outdoors improves productivity by up 45% by allowing your brain time to rest and rejuvenate itself.

Effect on Your Productivity

Taking a break outside may seem counterproductive to your work, but this kind of thinking leads to burnout. Step away to relax your brain and get a different perspective. Not overworking yourself gives you the rest you need to work more efficiently.

Spend time outdoors every day so it becomes the default rather than a last resort, helping you stay positive. It can also help memory retention, concentration levels, and spark inspiration.

The benefits of regular time outside are numerous and well documented. Even being outside during your lunch break or walking home can improve your mood and attitude.

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