3 Productivity Tips for Hybrid Workers

Although parts of the world have opened up and workers are gradually going back to the office, most organizations are choosing a hybrid work arrangement for their employees. 

Employees work a few days at the office and few days at home or in a designated facility near home. Unfortunately, this transition is difficult for some employees because they’ve already fine-tuned their work from home system. 

And that system doesn’t include a plan for going back to the office. Now that a hybrid work arrangement is likely to be the norm, you must find a way to still remain productive no matter where you work.

Here are 3 productivity tips for hybrid workers.

Schedule Intense Work for Your Most Convenient Location

Do you get a lot more work done when you’re at home or in the office? Your answer determines where you must spend more time when you need to do serious work. 

Some employees find they’re more productive when they’re working from home while the house is empty, quiet, and free of distractions. Others prefer the sounds of the office in the background while they’re working. Determine where you do your best work and spend more time there, while you do your less demanding tasks elsewhere.

Define 2 Schedules

For people who have adapted to working from home in the past 2 years, going back to the office requires a different schedule. Most work-from-home employees say they often wake up to put in 1-3 hours of quality, non-distracted work before 9:00 am. This is usually the time they would have spent commuting. 

But if you have to go into the office for a few days a week, then you need a dual schedule: one for the home and one for the office. You might stack your in-office days and work from home days. 

If you provide sales, marketing, and branding services, then Mondays to Wednesdays are at home working on your clients’ campaigns, while Thursdays and Fridays are in the office taking meetings and in-person sales appointments. This is better than going to the office and working from home on alternate days (Monday at the office, Tuesday at home, and so on).

Eliminate Distractions

Distractions are the single biggest time killer for most employees. From constant interruptions by colleagues to children demanding your time or random notifications on your computer, distractions can adversely affect your productivity. 

This is why you must be proactive about eliminating distractions. Try a noise-canceling headset, which can do wonders for your presence of mind and focus. 

Have a dedicated workspace at home that no one can enter if you’re inside. If you’re in the office, then close your door or put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign when you’re doing deep work. 

Remember to turn off notifications on your phone and computer when you’re working and your phone away, preferably in another room where you can’t see it. 

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