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Frequently Asked Questions

“Does it cost anything to sign up as an affiliate for Sage Grayson, Life Editor?”

Nope! Signing up is completely free.

“What products are eligible for the Affiliate Program?”

These are the current offerings that earn commission:

“Do I have to purchase these products in order to share my affiliate links?”

No. You can share your affiliate links for any product or subscription in the Affiliate Program regardless of whether or not you purchased it yourself.

However, affiliates tend to get more clicks on their links when they can show that they’ve used the products and have gotten great results. Go ahead and brag about your successes!

“How much commission will I earn?”

Affiliates earn 50% commission on all sales (one-time purchases AND subscriptions).

If your friend clicks your affiliate link and buys a single product (such as Startup In 60), then you get 50% of that one-time purchase.

If your friend clicks your affiliate link and buys a subscription (such as the Life Editor Clubhouse), then you get 50% of every monthly charge for as long as they remain a paying member.

“How do I get paid?”

Payments are sent to affiliates through PayPal every Monday morning for sales from the previous week.

“How do I share my affiliate links?”

Once you sign up, you’ll have access to your unique sharing links for my products. Copy your links and share them any way you want:

  • In your blog posts.
  • In your videos and video descriptions.
  • In emails to your subscribers.
  • In posts on your social media accounts.
  • On a Resources page on your website.
  • In “warm letters” to your friends and family. See Startup In 60 for the warm letter technique.

When clicked, these links add a cookie to your friend’s browser for 30 days that is tied to your affiliate account. If they purchase during the 30 days, then you get your 50% commission.

Affiliates will also receive emails with tips and best practices to boost their sales.

“I have another question.”

Please send an email to, and I’ll respond as soon as possible.

“I’m ready! How do I get started?”

Fantastic! Click here to sign up as an affiliate.

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