NEW! Check Out the Clubhouse Classes for September 2020

Happy September! This is your monthly reminder to check out all the new goodies in the Life Editor Clubhouse membership site.

This month’s featured training is perfect for anyone feeling jumbled up, low on energy, or in need of some clarity.

Bookend Your Life and Find Your Balance

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In This Class

  • How to achieve balance in your life and why it’s important.
  • 3 common life balancing techniques to use your limited energy wisely.
  • What is bookending?
  • 13 ways to bookend every area of your life.

The start of a brand new month is a great time to visit the Clubhouse!

We’ve got dozens of video classes to help you set goals for every area of your life and business, weekly interactive group calls for extra support, and printable worksheets and planners to keep you organized.

New in the Life Editor Clubhouse

  • Bookend Your Life and Find Your Balance (my new favorite class!)
  • How to Set Up Your Simple Self-Care Routine
  • Money Strategies for Entrepreneurs
  • How to Get Started When You Feel Directionless and Unmotivated
  • The Perfect Planner for Your Personality
  • Plus printable Action Plans for every class so you know exactly what to do next to be successful.

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The Perfect Planner for Your Personality

Debate the pros and cons of printed and digital planners, discover 4 ways to choose your most important priorities, learn the 3 categories that need a tracking system, and uncover common planner problems and fix them fast so you’ll actually love to use your planner every day. Join us.

How to Set Up Your Simple Self-Care Routine

Learn why self-care (white space) is the last step of the Life Editing Process instead of the first step, why it’s important to shift out of “work mode” and give yourself time to relax, the difference between self-care and self-comfort, why self-care might challenge you (in a good way!), and how to design a flexible self-care routine that can adjust with the changing world. Join us.

How to Get Started When You Feel Directionless and Unmotivated

Find out the 3 most common causes of feeling directionless (according to my clients), how a “Bad Day Emergency Kit” can act as a Plan B when you’re anxious, why a brain dump can clear your head and help you focus on your top priorities, and easy ways to break down and manage overwhelming goals. Join us.

Money Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Practical tactics for business owners including how to diversify your income so you don’t have all your eggs in one basket, what to look for in a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, defining financial freedom for yourself, and why I moved to The Life Editor Clubhouse membership site to a monthly subscription model. Join us.

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