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Happy June!

This is your monthly reminder to check out all the new goodies in the Life Editor Clubhouse membership site.

This month’s training will help you reclaim your childlike sense of wonder.

Easy Ways to Stress Less and Play More

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In This Class

  • Why we’re stressed out more than ever before and how it negatively affects everything we do.
  • How we gradually lose our playfulness in favor of appearing professional.
  • Why successful people maintain their childlike attitudes.
  • 10 playful activities to add to your daily and weekly routines for a happier life.

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New in the Life Editor Clubhouse

  • Easy Ways to Stress Less and Play More
  • Burnout Recovery Plan
  • Design Your Dream Life
  • 10 Motivation Magic Tricks
  • Step-By-Step Plan to Quit Your Day Job
  • Plus printable Action Plans for every class so you know exactly what to do next to be successful.

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Burnout Recovery Plan

How burnout manifests during periods of prolonged stress, ways to recognize the first signs of burnout in your life, and your burnout recovery plan with step-by-step instructions for stopping the madness and finding your passion again. Join us. 

Design Your Dream Life

Why planning is so important for living an edited life, your 6-step action guide for a Dream Life Planning Party, and 4 easy daily tasks to keep your goals top of mind. Join us.

10 Motivation Magic Tricks

Why motivation is a limited resource and we have to “use it or lose it,” how to trick yourself into doing your work even when you don’t feel like it, and 10 motivation magic tricks that can have you inspired and making progress in less than 5 minutes. Join us.

Step-By-Step Plan to Quit Your Day Job

The most common reasons why entrepreneurs quit their day jobs to focus solely on their businesses; the time management skills, money mindsets, and good habits you must develop before you quit your job; and your 10-step plan to quit your day job the right way. Join us.

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