New Freebie! Try the Life Editor Reading Challenge

As a former book editor, I often spend my free time with my nose buried in a good book.

Reading gives me so much joy, and I gobble up at least 1-3 books per week. So of course, I’m always encouraging my clients to read more.

Today I’m sharing a brand new addition to my freebie depository, the Editor’s Toolkit . . . 

The Life Editor Reading Challenge!

This printable worksheet has brilliant book ideas for each step of my Life Editing Process framework so you can read more while you edit your life.

The challenge is completely customizable, and you can read all the books in a single category, one book from each category, read all the books in a month, or any variation you choose!

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NOTE: This worksheet is part of the Editor’s Toolkit freebie collection.

The Editor’s Toolkit

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