What Type of Flooring is Best for Your Office?

Does the type of office flooring matter for your business?

As part of your office aesthetic, flooring contributes to your image and how people see you and your business. Noise-canceling flooring could make your office more productive by cutting out sounds from below. There are also hygiene and cleaning concerns, and the easier your floor is to clean, the cheaper it will be to maintain. 

Here are your main options when choosing office flooring.


A carpeted office floor is a classic look, and the benefits are that it comes in many varieties, is cheap to install, cancels out a lot of noise from offices below you, and helps to retain heat. Carpet may help you save money on your energy bills while also aiding the office ambience. 

However, carpet is notoriously hard to clean and difficult to maintain, and it could mean more frequent cleaning is required, ramping up the costs of office maintenance. 


Resin involves pouring an epoxy resin onto a concrete surface, where it then hardens. A big advantage of this is that it’s one of the most hygienic floors out there. It has antimicrobial properties and is easy to clean, making it so simple to maintain for long periods.

Resin is also durable, and no amount of office traffic will damage it. Resin flooring is cheap as well, so this is a great budget option when you combine this with low maintenance. 

The only downsides are that the resin floor might not look as nice as the other options, it can get slippery when wet, and possibly increase the risk of slip and fall accidents. 


Vinyl flooring is popular because it’s versatile, and you can get vinyl flooring that mimics hardwood floors, marble, stone, and many other colors and patterns. It’s also durable and inexpensive, while offering great maintenance. 

The concerns with vinyl flooring are that it can fade in color over time and it doesn’t hold up well under heavy loads.

Vinyl is an affordable flooring option, but you must avoid heavy equipment in your office. Resin is best if hygiene and maintenance are your main concerns. Carpet is best if you want a more cosy interior that cuts your energy bills and blocks out sound.

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