LEFB Real Results | “It’s the Best Thing I’ve Done This Year!”

I could go on and on about all the fabulous results you can expect when you apply the tools and strategies you’ll learn in Life Editing for Beginners.

Don’t take my word for it!

Check out these real results from LEFB grads.

The Best Thing I’ve Done This Year!

“Life Editing for Beginners has given me an organized approach to my life so i can make the right changes to get closer towards my ideal life. My favorite parts of the program were the group coaching calls and the worksheet. This is one of the best things I’ve done to improve my life this year . . . this decade!” Erika Swafford

Life Editing for Beginners Made Me a Better Mom!

“LEFB armed me with a step-by-step, foolproof way to deal with all the physical and emotional clutter that has crept into my life. I feel more in control by choosing goals that I want and removing all unnecessary ‘stuff.’ Before LEFB, I was the multitasking wonder mom. After going through this program, I realized that dedicating my attention to only ONE thing at a time was way more efficient than constantly trying to juggle my life as a mother, wife, and employee at the same time.” Megan Lee Lim

I Defeated My Internet Addiction!

“I realized around TWO AND A HALF HOURS of my spare time is spent on the internet. No wonder I was feeling overwhelmed by the other parts of my to-do list! This course really taught me about structuring my days in the way I want them to play out and creating a balance so I’m not just constantly adding more and more to my schedule. There are so many highlights of the course: the calls, Sage’s videos, and the Facebook group full of like-minded women.” Georgie Bryant

My Overwhelm is Gone!

“I was living a life full of busy-ness in between crashing waves of overwhelm. I learned how to dissect my habits, hijack them, and create habits to nourish and support my ideal life. My favorite part was sharing the experience with other wonderful women in the group, hearing their stories, and getting their feedback. Now my business is growing, and I’m continuing to integrate more white space into my life starting with a new knitting project.” Kerryn Hewson

Life Editing for Beginners Helped Me Face My Fear!

“I loved the section of LEFB about fear of failure and how fear is in your head killing your conscious thought. It was impactful for me to learn about that part of my brain and helped me understand myself more. Writers (like me) get stuck when they’re faced with a blank page. Life editing helped me be imperfect and just start writing. I have permission to go back and edit later.” Linda Strahl

Life Editing for Beginners Forced Me to Be Honest!

“What I liked best about Life Editing for Beginners is it forced me to be honest with myself and what wasn’t working well in my life. With the newly gained clarity on my life and business, I was able to properly assess what I needed to delete and what I needed to add to create some much needed changes in my life.” Dedrea Benson

I Have Time For Me Again!

“After going through LEFB, things are calmer, less rushed, and I have more time for myself. I love the fun setup of the program . . . like a book editor’s process! My favorites of the 5 steps are deleting and rearranging. Sometimes I deleted things completely, like wasting time down rabbit holes on Facebook. In exchange, I have time to read actual books! Other things I’ve delegated, and my 4-year-old actually loves to empty the dishwasher! Next, I’d like to experiment with what I can get done with my 6 children around.” Cara Vincens

Finally Making Time for Self-Care!

“What I like about LEFB and working with Sage is that you can repeat the program whenever you want. It’s not just for one period or aspect of your life. It covers all areas and really pointed out to me the distractions and things that are slowing me down and taking up my time. Another thing I have always appreciated about the program is Sage makes sure to include ‘white space’ and self care, which is often the last thing that we make time for.” Anna Rutledge

I Learned It’s OK to Be Imperfect!

“Sage’s empathy is a factor that sets her apart. She truly understands that we all have real life struggles. As good as she is at rounding up the troops and helping us move forward, she’s gentle and careful to not teach—nor expect—perfection. She is refreshingly open and honest about herself and models good self-care and organizational strategies, including sharing some of her own imperfections so that as a participant, I not only felt normal, I felt I had a friend along for this journey.” Michael Nelson

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