How to Level Up Your Business as a Female Entrepreneur

The world is not an equal playing field, and women must fight for rights and equality in all aspects of life and business.

Women start 90% of small businesses, so don’t underestimate your effect on the business world. The best entrepreneurs are constantly learning and growing to provide the best solutions for their customers.

Here are some smart strategies to level up your business as a female entrepreneur.

Leverage Established Networks

Leverage established networks to get your business out there. Join networking groups or events specifically for entrepreneurs. Most of these larger groups are in hubs like Silicon Valley, New York City, Boston, and Los Angeles, which are centers of influence for technology, finance, and entertainment.

Wherever you live or work in the world, make your business visible. Use social marketing by creating an event page on Facebook, writing about what you’re doing on LinkedIn, or sharing pictures of your products with friends and family.

Build Growth System

Establish systems to support your business’ growth including handling customer service inquiries to managing inventory. Strong systems save time in the future when scaling up.

Use Business Software and Get Virtual Assistance

Leverage digital resources such as software and virtual office services from reputable companies like Executive Workspace. Invest in good quality software like accounting or CRM solutions to streamline processes for you.

Consider hiring a virtual assistant (VA) because they’re available 24/7, which means no gaps in service for customers. A VA is the best way to make sure everything flows smoothly and runs more efficiently.

Manage Your Team With Digital Tools

Avoid micromanaging your team and invest in digital management solutions like Basecamp or Slack. These tools provide group chat rooms and task lists, which means any company-wide communication is accessible by all employees.

It also helps with accountability so people know what their responsibilities are. Everything gets done efficiently without complicated meetings or emails back and forth. Your team will be on the same page about deadlines, objectives, and needs at all times.

Use Digital Marketing and Social Media

Digital marketing and social media can help your business, and making a few changes to your website, blog posts, and email campaigns could improve your sales. 

You can spend money advertising, but it will only work if the ad is viewed by potential customers at the right moment. Hire an assistant who can manage digital marketing on your behalf so it scales with the growing needs of your company.

Host Events or Meetings With Other Entrepreneurs

Another great way to level up your business is to host events or meetings for other women in the industry. 

These can be conferences, meetups, or workshops where you share knowledge and best practices. People from different parts of the world get access to knowledge, tips, tools and advice on relevant topics.

These networking opportunities don’t just help you but could also lead to new clients who are interested in working together.

Get Influencer Endorsement

Reach out to an influencer (someone with a lot of followers on social media) and ask them to work together on something mutually beneficial such as writing blog posts about your newest product that you developed in partnership with them. 

Not only will the endorsement be valuable to your reputation, but you’ll also get publicity from having a famous person talk about your business online.

Focus on Customer Service

Your customers will have questions about processes or purchases so keep staff members dedicated to customer service by either hiring someone or outsourcing from another company.

Be proactive and solve problems before they happen. It’s better to prevent something from happening than having to handle it when it’s too late.

Anticipate what could go wrong in your business so that there are no surprises. Take care of these tasks early so they won’t pile up, which means less stress on everyone involved.

Take a Break to Reinvigorate Yourself

Level up your business by taking time off once in a while, and even an hour counts. Neglecting your self-care can lead to mental overwhelm and make everything more stressful when trying to grow your business.

Take care of yourself first before anything else and don’t feel guilty about doing things that recharge your energy.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

The best way to level up your business is by working smart and finding new ways of doing things that will save you time such as automating processes or delegating tasks. Everything gets taken care of without you having to do it all yourself. 

You might reinvent old systems so they’re more efficient if technology has advanced. Invest in tools to save time and make things run more efficiently.

Find Your Competitive Advantage

Look at what the competition is up to so you can find an edge that will set your business apart from others in the same field. 

Maybe there’s something new or better about their pricing model, or perhaps they have two products while your business only has one. A unique selling point is key to make your business stand out. People will know why they should work with you rather than another business.  

Get a Mentor

Consider connecting with another established female entrepreneur because she knows what you’re going through better than anyone else can. Reach out for help or advice if you need guidance on how to level up. Mentorship is about sharing experiences and insights and helping each other grow no matter where you are in life.

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