5 Unexpected Business Tips for Women

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

When I started my business in 2011, I devoured all the articles I could about how to run a successful business.

Much of what I learned was helpful (how to set up a website, what to put in my email newsletter), but it still took forever to sift through the tips and tricks to find the real actionable how-tos.

And not surprisingly, much of the information is skewed towards men. Ugh.

Running a successful business takes time, effort, and commitment. So it’s natural to feel overwhelmed when deciding what actions to take next to get the results you want.

Should I start a YouTube channel? Should I make a digital product? Are my goals realistic? Who has my best interests in mind?

Whether you’re in the startup phase or have been in business for years, here are some unexpected business tips to clear through the clutter and help you focus.

Set a Long-Term Goal

It’s so easy to get caught up in the mundane daily tasks of running a business without thinking strategically. One of my clients calls this “flying by the seat of your pants.”

A long-term goal points you and your team in the right direction without getting distracted by bright shiny objects.

A smart business goal will motivate you to create a clear pathway to a successful future. Whenever you start a new project, ask yourself, “Does this project support my long-term goal?”

Try not to change your goal too often because it can confuse your clients and team. A consistent long-term goal keeps everyone moving forward together.

Be Flexible and Adapt

Accommodating changes and adapting to new business trends can lead to a successful business. A stagnant business will get left behind in the dust.

Stay up to date on new business technology, trends, and customer habits. Be flexible enough to adapt to change, but still do so in a strategic way to avoid alienating your customers.

Changes in technology can help your business succeed by providing quicker ways to get stuff done.

Stay Organized

Boost your productivity by organizing and streamlining everything in your business. This includes setting up an operations manual, cutting out unnecessary steps, and using automation software.

Disorganized businesses waste time, money, and resources. A good leader will manage workers, nurture customers, track expenses, and improve data security.

Cyber-attacks and breaches on companies (small and large) are increasing, and you must learn more about IT security and other ways to protect your business.

Network and Connect

Networking is one of the fastest ways to grow your business so put yourself out there, meet other women entrepreneurs, and learn new business strategies.

If you can, attend business events (in-person or virtual) hosted by successful entrepreneurs or companies. You can learn to leverage your business offerings, create partnerships, or even get new clients.

Hire a Coach

Yes, this is a self-serving tip, but working with a coach can speed up your progress in ways that you can’t on your own.

A good coach will help you choose specific goals, design action plans, offer training, answer questions, provide motivation, and keep you accountable.

Click here to set up a free call with me and we’ll make a plan for the next level of success for your business. You got this!

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