Editor’s Notebook 195

The Editor’s Notebook is my place to share the things I’m loving this week and other random links that have caught my eye. Enjoy!

What I’m Loving This Week

5 Ways to Get Better Sleep (backed by science). Great tips for tweaking your sleep routine so you’re happier and more productive during the day.

How To Spend Your Memorial Day Holiday Productively. No pressure! These are all easy edits.

Yes, You Can Have Both Anxiety and Depression — Here’s What It Looks Like and How to Cope. Recognize the symptoms and get help.

5 Ways to Afford Self Care Without Going Broke. Taking care of yourself doesn’t take a lot of money.

7 Cost-Saving Strategies to Implement Now. My favorites: unsubscribing to emails and meal prepping.

Yes, you have permission to be lazy right now. Give yourself a little breathing room.

How to Calm Down When You’re Feeling Extra Anxious. New techniques you haven’t tried before.

If You Can’t Motivate Yourself to Accomplish Basic Tasks, You’re Not Alone. Overloading your to-do list and stressing out is not the answer.

How to Stay Focused on the Good. A daily gratitude practice solves so many problems.

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