9 Brilliant Ways to Find Balance in Your Life

One of the benefits of being very short is that I have a knack for balance.

My center of gravity is low, my hips are wide, and my feet are flat and sturdy. When I was a kid, my friends and I would play “American Gladiators,” and I’d always win the event where you try to knock your opponent off a tall tower.

And this balancing act has served me well as a coach too. Like a massive tree trunk with deep roots, I’m grounded and immovable when it comes to my goals.

If you’re feeling a little unsteady and easily swayed, then I’ve got some tips and tricks to keep you on the steady path.

Today, I’m sharing my best content to help you achieve perfect balance in your life.

1. My Secret Formula For Good Work-Life Balance. Equal work time and play time in your schedule is possible, but it requires careful planning.

2. Bookend Your Life. In this video training class in the Life Editor Clubhouse, you’ll learn how to balance your time and energy with morning and nighttime routines.

3. The Real Trick to Achieving Work-Life Balance. Work-life balance is possible, but the best way to achieve it might surprise you. Hint: it’s not about all things getting equal time or energy.

4. How to Stay Motivated When You’re Sick. You’re a real person, and you get sick sometimes. But what if you’ve got a mile-long to-do list?

5. Book Review: 10% Happier. I used to suffer from panic attacks just like news anchor Dan Harris, who shares his journey from workaholic to meditator in the book 10% Happier.

6. Burned Out? 5 Ways to Enjoy White Space at Work. White space has nothing to do with design, but everything to do with how you respect your energy levels.

7. 3 Essential Boundaries You Need in Your Life. Setting boundaries doesn’t mean feeling deprived and restricted. Boundaries actually help you have more freedom in your life and less stress!

8. 7 Surprising Ways to Make Tomorrow Better Than Today. We’ve all had bad days. Before you crawl back under the covers, let’s see if we can find your spark again.

9. 3 Positive and Productive Ways to End Your Workday. In this video, we’re talking about how to end your workday on a positive and productive note.

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