Life Editor’s Picks: Simple Succulents

I love organizing my office and spiffing up my bookshelves, and one of the easiest ways I added a little class was to invest in some succulents.

Now, in case you were wondering, I am NOT a “plant mama,” and my thumbs are far from green. But thankfully, faux plants have come a long way from the rubbery ones grandma used to have collecting dust next to her plastic-covered sofa.

Succulents are by far my favorite because they’re small, come in an array of colors, and won’t overwhelm a space like bigger, leafier plants.

Just a few colorful accents can really liven up any empty shelf. And no worries about maintenance since these beauties don’t need to be watered.

Here are my top picks for simple (faux!) succulents.

1. 2 Cute Cat Faux Succulents. Adorable kitty plants, but there’s no guarantee your real cat won’t knock these on the floor.

2. Ceramic Succulent Pots. For cute southwestern vibes.

3. Rope Basket Succulents. Like a cozy blanket for your plants.

4. Mini Purple Succulents. March to your own beat with these colorful faux blossoms.

5. Pineapple Succulent. A tropical escape without the expensive plane tickets.

6. Mini Glass Geometric Terrariums. Because your plants deserve a little bling too!

7. Marble Planter Faux Succulents. A classy and modern way to elevate your shelves.

8. White Succulent Planters With Bamboo Trays. Perfect for a simple, clean setting.

9. Garden Decor Succulent Set. An inexpensive collection to match any style.

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