7 Ways to Finally Stop Overthinking and Worrying

Have you ever had so much to do that you didn’t know where to begin?

Maybe your to-do list was 10 pages long, or your notes were a disorganized mess, or everything seemed important so you couldn’t prioritize.

I’ve been there!

My clients also face this “freezing up” phenomenon when they’re overburdened with their work. There’s too much to do so their minds simply shut down and they don’t do anything.

Overthinking and worrying about how you’ll get it all done isn’t productive, and it will only stress you out and make it that much harder to take action in the future.

If you’re thisclose to having a breakdown, then I’ve got some fantastic tips that will make everything feel more manageable.

Today, I’m sharing my best content to help you stop overthinking and worrying once and for all.

1. How to Stop Overthinking Everything and Take Action. Quieting your mind and taking action can be difficult. Learn why you’re overthinking and the best way take the first step toward your goals.

2. 3 Calming Ways to Stop Worrying and Embrace the Unknown. Life can be a scary place, but that doesn’t mean you should become a hermit! Here’s how you can stop worrying and learn to embrace the unknown.

3. Why I Never Have a Plan B! Ditch Your Safety Net to Reach Your Goals. Your “backup” choice is slowing you down so you won’t reach your goals. Here’s why I never have a Plan B and why your safety net is ruining your life.

4. Life Editor’s Picks: Stress Relief. If your mood is shifting from “go go go!” to “no no no!” then check out these treats to help you get some much-needed stress relief.

5. How to Avoid Falling Down a Worry Spiral. In this video from Face Your Fear Week, we’re talking about how to avoid falling down a worry spiral when you care deeply about your work.

6. Busy, Broke, and Burned Out | How to Recover Fast! Nearly all of my clients are dealing with one of the “3 B”s. Here’s how to recover when you’re feeling busy, broke, or burned out.

7. 3 Essential Boundaries You Need in Your Life. Setting boundaries doesn’t mean feeling deprived and restricted. Boundaries actually help you have more freedom in your life and less stress!

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