Editor’s Notebook 220

The Editor’s Notebook is my place to share the things I’m loving this week and other random links that have caught my eye. Enjoy!

What I’m Loving This Week

5 Small Habits That Will Change Your Life Forever. Tiny edits lead to big results.

5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues. It may be cold and dark, but you can still have a sunny mood.

The Worry List. An excellent reminder to do a brain dump and get all your stress out of your head and onto paper.

Shake It Off — and Other Quick Physical Ways to Squash Anxiety. Sharing this for all of us who are dealing with too much right now.

20 Ways to Read More in 2021 (When You Just Don’t Care Anymore). A cheeky list of reading strategies to cut yourself some slack.

7 Easy Habits That Will Help You Fake Being a Morning Person, According to Experts. Fake it ’til you make it, as they say.

10 Minutes on Friday That Will Make Your Monday 10 Times Easier. Such an easy task that has an enormous payoff. You don’t want to have a stressful weekend, do you?

Five Questions Productive People Ask Themselves to Stay Focused. A great way to check in with yourself.

3 Types of Writing People Really Love to Read. Here are some simple tips for getting people to enjoy your content.

20 Excellent Words Coined in the Last 20 Years. A hilarious list of how our language has evolved.

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My Favorites

  • Picmonkey, save 17% when you sign up for my favorite online photo editor
  • Kajabi, start your free trial of this all-in-one platform for entrepreneurs
  • Book Like a Boss, start your free trial for this beautiful and user-friendly scheduling app for coaches and consultants
  • Epidemic Sound, start your free trial for the best music for YouTube videos
  • Passion Planner, save $5 off your first purchase
  • Trello, free elegant project management app
  • Beaver Builder, my favorite WordPress page builder