5 Ways to Prioritize Your Projects

When you find yourself procrastinating and neglecting your to-do list, then it’s time to prioritize.

This week I had a call with a client who normally makes great progress and is always ready to listen and learn.

But after choosing her goals, making her 12 week plan, and breaking down all her projects into bite-sized tasks, she became utterly frozen.

And not in that Disney ice queen kind of way.

Looking at her beautiful step-by-step plan was overwhelming her, and she didn’t know where to begin so she shut down and couldn’t do anything.

Thankfully, with a little coaching, we were able to melt her fears so she could confidently move forward. How’d we do it? We got super clear on her priorities.

By getting things in order and seeking outside help where necessary, for example, marketing via Epic Media Productions rather than doing so in-house, can make a big difference.

So if you’re frozen too and your projects are stuck in place, then watch today’s video to learn how to get things rolling again.

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