Life Editor’s Picks: Lucky Books

I wouldn’t say I’m a lucky person, but I’ve found that the more positive thoughts I have, the more positive opportunities I see.

The law of attraction plays a big part in my life, and perhaps you’ve noticed that what you see is what you get in your life. If you’re constantly looking for bad news and things to be disappointed about, then that’s all you’ll expereince.

Instead, I recommend my clients look on the bright side and use their minds, thoughts, and feelings to seek out positivity. A little optimism can do wonders to improve your mood, and thereby improve your situation.

Need some lucky inspiration? Add these books to your “To Be Read” list!

Here are my top picks for lucky books.

1. Conscious Luck: Eight Secrets to Intentionally Change Your Fortune. Instead of hoping and wishing that luck will come your way, this book will show you how to seize control of your destiny and create the dazzling life of your dreams.

2. The Serendipity Mindset: The Art and Science of Creating Good Luck. Learn how you can use serendipity to make life better at work, at home—everywhere.

3. The Joy Luck Club. The bestselling tale of Chinese mothers and daughters.

4. Love & Luck. A heartwarming tale of a road trip through Ireland filled with love, adventure, and the true meaning behind the word family.

5. How Luck Happens: Using the Science of Luck to Transform Work, Love, and Life. Discover the exciting ways you can grab opportunities and make luck for yourself every day.

6. Knock on Wood: Luck, Chance, and the Meaning of Everything. In this book, the author tests whether luck is real or the mere stuff of superstition.

7. Natalie Tan’s Book of Luck and Fortune. A book about food, heritage, and finding family in the most unexpected places.

8. Good Luck Life: The Essential Guide to Chinese American Celebrations and Culture. A beautifully designed as an easily accessible cultural guide that includes an explanation of the Lunar Calendar, tips on Chinese table etiquette for dining with confidence, and dos and don’ts from wise Auntie Lao, who recounts ancient Chinese beliefs and superstitions.

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