3 Job Must-Haves to Support Your Well-Being

Looking after your overall well-being can be tough because not everyone has the luxury to work at a job that ignites their passion and creativity.

A job may not provide a lot of stimulation, but it still must support your well-being and mental health or else you’ll burn out fast. Here are 3 must-haves for your job to properly support your well-being.

Adequate Time Off

Paid time off is not a legal requirement in the United States. PTO can stand for either “paid time off” or “personal time off,” but paid time off should be a basic requirement of any organization.

Is PTO the same as vacation? Not always, but time off is needed for our well-being. Some people have personal circumstances that demand they take more time off than the allocated leave amount such as for long-term sabbatical or for an illness.

A Suitable Environment

One of the best things about working from home is the lack of commuting, but unfortunately, many companies are forcing their employees to come back to the office.

You must find a work environment that’s sustainable for your mental health, productivity, and overall confidence. Some people benefit from office environments, but many struggle balancing the travel time with their life priorities.

Look for jobs at companies that are remote-first or hybrid and show that they are committed to the welfare of their employees. Other desirable factors such as standing desks and multiple breaks will also improve your well-being.

A Sense of Balance

Many companies think that perks such as amazing pay and holidays are enough to retain their best employees. But employees also want to feel a sense of balance between their jobs and their personal lives.

It’s tough to create a sense of balance if you’re expected to work all hours or don’t feel like you can take a mental break. A sense of balance supports our well-being, allows us to switch off, and reinforces the idea that work is not the most important thing in your life.

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