13 Easy Ways to Fix a Bad Day | Make Any Bad Day a Good Day

I have a small yellow sticky note stuck to my desk drawer that says, “Every day is a good day.”

This tiny affirmation reminds me that there are positive things happening all around me, but I must be mindful enough to notice them.

No day is completely good, and no day is completely bad, but your PERCEPTION of the day creates your reality. 

A bad day can quickly spin out of control: you wake up late, stub your toe getting out of bed, spill coffee on your blouse, get stuck in terrible traffic, and on and on. 

If you concentrate on the negative things in your day, then more of those bad things will stick out like a sore thumb.

Of course, even I have awful days that make me want to throw my laptop into a river or move underground forever like a mole person just to escape my stress.

Thankfully, I’ve learned some sweet and simple tricks over the years to turn around even the crummiest bad days, and I’m spilling the beans in today’s livestream.

Watch this video for 13 easy ways to fix a bad day FAST!

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