Top 5 Excuses to Stay Stuck (Which One Is Yours?)

As a life and business coach, I hear a lot of excuses from my potential clients.

Why they won’t start a business. Why they want to play small. Why they won’t raise their prices. Why they want to throw in the towel and hide under the covers forever.

All those excuses have one thing in common . . . FEAR!

It’s scary to put yourself out there and open yourself up to failure or ridicule, but your goals and dreams are too important to ignore for the rest of your life.

Honestly, wouldn’t you rather try than always wonder, “What if?”

Here’s a roundup of the common excuses to stay stuck. Which one is yours?

Top 5 Excuses to Stay Stuck

  1. “I’m scared of failing and having to crawl back to my day job.”
    I’ll show you how to earn a full-time income with your business before you quit your day job. No hasty actions. You’ll feel completely confident in your decision.
  2. “I’m scared to do marketing because then everyone will know I have a business including my boss, old bully, nosy neighbors, my rude MIL, etc.”
    Yes, everyone will know you have a business. That’s the nature of the internet! But if you care about your clients and customers, then you owe it to them to promote the solutions to their problems.
  3. “I want something done for me, and I won’t do the work no matter how motivating or no-nonsense Sage is.”
    I can’t do the work for you, and I don’t have a magic wand to instantly boost your income. But with every high-value client you sign on, your confidence will soar to new heights. You’ll jump out of bed every morning excited to do your work and grow your business. 
  4. “I do have the time and energy to do the work, but I don’t want to give up my ‘me time’ to scroll through social media or watch reruns.”
    Most of my clients spend 5-7 hours PER WEEK working on their businesses. That’s only 1 hour per day! You absolutely have one hour to spare to put in the effort to earn a full-time income. Then you can watch your shows guilt free.
  5. “I don’t believe I could sell something that costs thousands of dollars.”
    Are you sure? I’ll teach you how to show the value in your new program through content creation, social media connections, and kind outreach techniques. Also, you’ll target high-value clients who respect you and your solutions. No more chasing after “Discount Divas” who only want to save a buck.

It breaks my heart to see talented women entrepreneurs give in to their excuses and play small with their lives and businesses.

 You deserve to follow your dreams despite your fears. 

If you want help busting through your excuses and ditching those self-sabotaging beliefs, then I invite you to set up a quick 7-minute call with me.

This is NOT a sales call, but it will help me get a better idea of your current situation and goals and whether you’re a good fit for my Goodbye 9-to-5 program.

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