The Truth About Reaching Your Goals You’re Not Ready to Hear

I like to say that my life and business coaching comes from a place of love.

It may be tough love, but it’s still love. 

Occasionally, I’ll be on a call with a client who’s bemoaning her fate because she’s “doing everything right” but still not making sales.

But she’s not doing everything right . . . not even close.

She’s getting distracted by little things that don’t lead to money and she’s half-assing her effort, and it’s my job to steer her back to the actions with the biggest return on investment.

That’s usually when her eyes start glazing over and she’ll make excuses about not having enough time or not feeling inspired. Or worse, yell at me for not magically making her dreams fall from the sky and into her lap.

This wimpy way of thinking shows up in the minds of countless people in many different situations. They think they can choose a big dream and simply coast to the finish line.

Who are these delusional folks? They’re just like you and me.

  • The lazy guy who wants a smokin’ hot girlfriend, but he hasn’t stepped inside a gym in a decade and his beer belly is the size of a beach ball.
  • The job seeker who thinks having a degree is enough to demand a high salary and leisurely applies to jobs at a rate of one a week.
  • The business owner who wastes time filling her online shop that gets zero traffic instead of spending every waking second getting people to sign up for her email list so she’s not screaming into the void.
  • The determined gal who insists she has no idea why she’s gaining weight every week when she guesses her food calories and conveniently forgets to log the extra 3 scoops of ranch dressing on her “healthy salad.”
  • The side hustler who’ll spend $50 a week on Starbucks and takeout, but “doesn’t have the money” to run a Facebook ad.

Here’s a hard truth most people aren’t ready to hear:

People like to choose spectacular goals, but few are willing to do the work to earn those goals.

Maybe I’m not such a great coach because I’m not a hard-faced drill sergeant. Maybe my clients deserve someone who’ll shake them by the shoulders shouting, “DO THE WORK! DO THE WORK! DO THE WORK!”

Heck, I could use someone like that in my life too.

How about it, Life Editor? Are you ready to be worthy of your goals?

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