Yes, Work-Life Balance is Possible | All New in the Life Editor Clubhouse

Happy December!

There’s always something new in the Life Editor Clubhouse membership site, so keep reading to see what you missed.

This month’s training will help you divide your time, energy, and attention between your business and life without the overwhelm.

Work-Life Balance Made Easy

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In This Class

  • What “having it all” really means (it’s not what you think!).
  • How I structure my ideal day so everything gets done without the overwhelm.
  • Common mistakes we all make when prioritizing our time.
  • Simple steps you can implement today to achieve that elusive equilibrium.

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New in the Life Editor Clubhouse

  • Work-Life Balance Made Easy
  • 5 Things I Did to Crush My Anxiety
  • Outer Order Inner Calm Challenge
  • 6 Key Habits to Live Your Best Life
  • How to Train Yourself to Stay Focused
  • Plus printable Action Plans for every class so you know exactly what to do next to be successful.

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5 Things I Did to Crush My Anxiety

What anxiety is and how it manifests in our lives, the 3 proactive steps you must take to manage your anxiety, and 5 helpful things I did to lessen my anxiety so I could stop worrying and feel happier. Join us. 

Outer Order Inner Calm Challenge

How an organized home can lead to an organized life; why a clean environment creates peaceful relationships, a feeling of sanctuary, and a sense of possibility; and 5 steps to effortlessly clean up your home (no sparking joy needed!). Join us.

6 Key Habits to Live Your Best Life

How to acknowledge the gap between where you are now and your ideal life, why making tiny edits can inch you closer to your goals without the burnout, and 6 key habits you can adopt today to positive affect your life no matter what your goals are. Join us.  

How to Train Yourself to Stay Focused

How we can use our unique personalities, lifestyle, and circumstances to boost our productivity; the top 5 most common reasons we’re not able to focus on our work; and no-nonsense strategies to ditch your distractions, find your passion, and use your time wisely every day. Join us.

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