Want a Free Ticket to Life Editor Weekend?

We all love to get something for nothing!

But sometimes those free goodies are a bit of a letdown. Do you really need another T shirt, leaky pen, reusable water bottle, or granola bar sample?

Hang on to you hats, Life Editor, because I have a freebie that won’t end up in the trash like that other nonsense.

In fact, this freebie will…

  • Allow you to decompress and relax from the stress of your everyday life.
  • Make choosing and achieving your big goals a piece of cake.
  • Give you the confidence to say no to toxic people, clutter, and anything else that’s dragging you down.
  • Help you reclaim your time and make the most of every minute.
  • Introduce you to dozens of like-minded ambitious women who want you to succeed.

Sound good?

I’m giving away free tickets to my exclusive Life Editor Weekend retreat this March 8-11, 2018 in sunny Orlando, Florida.

But not just anyone gets these free tickets. Keep reading for all the details to see how you can claim yours (hint, you might already be qualified!).

What’s Life Editor Weekend?

Give me 4 days, and I’ll take you from overwhelmed to overjoyed!

Spend a weekend here in sunny Orlando, Florida, with dozens of your fellow Life Editors and learn how to stop drifting through your life and start editing it.

There are practical life editing sessions, goal planning, Q&A with me, roundtable discussions, tons of yummy food, relaxing by the lake, dancing like a maniac…and a pajama party! Click here for all the details.

What do you want to edit in your life?

  • Start a business and gain financial independence.
  • Get a new job that lights you up inside.
  • Focus on your health and fitness for the first time in who knows when.
  • Cut out toxic people and situations so you can feel that weight off your shoulders.
  • Find your tribe of supportive and loving accountability partners.
  • Crush your self-doubts and take control of your time and energy.
  • Develop your passions or make time for hobbies and play.
  • Reconnect with a spiritual practice and find peace in the present moment.
  • Figure out what the hell you’re supposed to do in your life!


Here’s What You Get!

  • Access to the entire 4-day event including all learning sessions ($2000 value)
  • Daily one-on-one access to Sage to get answers to your specific questions ($1500 value)
  • Daily private group yoga classes with our certified yoga instructor ($1000 value)
  • Daily group coaching sessions with Sage including life editing trainings and Q&A ($1000 value)
  • Private Welcome Reception with gourmet food and alcoholic drinks ($200 value)
  • Private Pajama Party with music, photo booth, desserts, and alcoholic drinks ($200 value)
  • Hot breakfast buffet on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday ($150 value)
  • Drinks and snacks provided during all the sessions so you never go hungry or get sleepy ($150 value)
  • A special room rate of $129 per night only for Life Editor Weekend attendees (save $50+ per night, $150 value)
  • Access to the hotel’s pool, private beach, private dock, walking trails, benches, swings, field, and outdoor relaxation spots ($100 value)
  • Life Editor Swag Bag full of journals, pens, tumblers, and other life editing treats ($100 value)
  • Exclusive LEW Workbook for all your notes, slides, and worksheets ($50 value)
  • Lots of downtime for relaxing, swimming, shopping, journaling, napping, going out on the lake, making new friends, and enjoying the shops and restaurants in Mount Dora, all within walking distance (priceless!)
  • Apply to the Life Editor Academy mastermind group a full month before spots are open to the public (priceless!)
  • Hugs with Sage! Need I say more?

Basically, 90% of the food, activities, and goodies are covered in the ticket price. You are responsible for your hotel room, lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday, and your transportation to Orlando.

That’s a total value of $6600+ but you can get your ticket absolutely free by joining the Life Editor Clubhouse at the Silver Level. See instructions below.

How Do I Get a Free Ticket?

Silver Level members of the Life Editor Clubhouse membership site get a free ticket to Life Editor Weekend. That’s a $500 value!

It’s my way of saying “Thanks!” for being a member.

Already a Silver Level member? Check your email inbox for a message from me with the link to claim your free ticket. If you do not see my email, please send an email to sage@sagegrayson.com and I will resend it to you.

Not a member yet? What are you waiting for! The Life Editor Clubhouse is a membership site for every single product, program, and service I create. It’s your one-stop shop for all my life editing goodies.

With a Silver Level annual subscription, you’ll get access 35+ video classes, 21+ printable worksheets, the all-new Edit Everything Challenge program, monthly interactive webinars, monthly book club, a private Facebook group to get support and find accountability partners, and much more.

There are more than 100 hours of video content in the Clubhouse so you can spend days editing your life and business.

Click here for all the details and join the Clubhouse today.

After you join, you’ll get an email with the link to claim your free ticket to Life Editor Weekend. See you in March!