The Secret Formula to Earn More With Your Affiliate Links

Six months ago I launched my Affiliate Program for my life editing products and courses including Startup In 60, Edit My Life Planner, and the Life Editor Clubhouse.

It’s been super exciting watching all of the new affiliates sign up, but I noticed something strange . . .

While many of you lovely Life Editors like the idea of getting 50% commission from your sales, there isn’t a lot of sharing going on.

I posted a poll in the Clubhouse Facebook group asking for feedback, and I was shocked!

Despite wanting to be affiliates, most people explained that they didn’t know what to say when sharing their affiliate links.

That’s my mistake, and I want to clear up the confusion so you can start earning moolah.

Today, I’m sharing my secret formula to earn more money with your affiliate links. Just mix up these 3 ingredients for a foolproof magic spell for success!

After you sign up for my Affiliate Program (it’s completely free!), you’ll have access to your unique sharing links. When someone clicks one of your links and purchases a product or program, you get 50% of the sale.

Sound good? OK, here’s how to share your links to earn more.

The Secret Formula

  1. Watch the video(s) or go through the program.
  2. Implement at least one thing you learned.
  3. Share your results and include your unique affiliate link. 

Let’s go through each of these steps so there’s no confusion and you can get started.

1. Watch the video(s) or go through the program.

You’re not required to purchase any of my products and programs in order to join the Affiliate program, but affiliates get more sales when they have actually experienced what they’re promoting.

You can watch any of the life and business video training classes in the Clubhouse, any of the 60 videos in 11 modules of Startup In 60, or the 5-day video course in the Edit My Life Planner.

Remember to take notes and complete any worksheets or action plans that are associated with the class or program. This will help later when you share your results!

2. Implement at least one thing you learned.

Now that you’ve enjoyed one of the videos, products, or programs, it’s time to IMPLEMENT whatever it is you learned.

You don’t have to do all the strategies from the class, but choose at least one action step to take.

For example, the Edit My Life Planner teaches you how to make a 12 week plan with goals, projects, and tasks. Take some time to create your 12 week plan, and fill out the planner. You might use color coding, stickers, and highlighters to make your plans pop!

Here’s another example, Startup In 60 has a module about sending warm letters to get your first sales for your business. Watch the videos for that module, make your list of contacts, edit the warm letter template to match your business, and send your individual warm letters as emails, direct messages, or phone calls.

One more example, the Life Editor Clubhouse has a video class called “Fuel Your Success With Treats and Rewards.” Design your own treats and rewards schedule and add them to your planner so you know what your daily treats are and what big reward you’ll give yourself once you reach a goal.

3. Share your results and include your unique affiliate link. 

Here’s the last step of the formula! After you’ve implemented what you learned from the video or program, you’ll start to get results.

Maybe your new 12 week plan is helping you get stuff done in half the time. Maybe you got some sales from your warm letter campaign. Maybe your daily treats have eliminated your procrastination.

Now you can share your results and tell everyone why that video or program is so amazing!

Remember to share (1) the name of the video or program, (2) your results, and (3) your unique affiliate link.

There are so many places you can share your affiliate links!

  • In your blog posts.
  • In your videos and video descriptions.
  • In a podcast episode.
  • In emails to your subscribers.
  • In posts on your social media accounts.
  • On a Resources page on your website.
  • In Facebook groups if sharing affiliate links is allowed.
  • In personal emails or direct messages to your friends and family.

The vast majority of my affiliates sign up but never share a single link, and thus, don’t earn any money.

Be proactive and treat the Affiliate Program as your side hustle. Everyone can use multiple streams of income, and I’m honored to support your life editing journey.

Let’s do this, Life Editor!

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