The 2018 Edited Year Planners Are Here! Look Inside!

I grew up as a nerdy, bookish little girl in the Midwest who always looked forward to my favorite time of year.

No, not Christmas. Not Halloween, and not even my birthday. To me, there was (and still is!) no sweeter time than back-to-school shopping season.

Walking through the automatic sliding doors of Staples or Office Depot felt like falling down the rabbit hole into some kind of office supply Wonderland. Pens, Post-Its, paper, planners!

In fact, I still get a little giddy when I’m strolling down the aisles looking for the latest organizing system or writing utensil.

But one thing that frustrated me as a child was how my school planners didn’t meet my super-picky needs.

This one wasn’t pretty enough. This one didn’t have enough notes pages. This one’s weekly boxes were too small.

I did my best with the supplies I could find, but I’d still change planners about every 3 months on my desperate search to find just the right one.

Now as an adult and business owner, I don’t have to settle anymore. I’ve been designing and selling my Edited Year Planners for 5 years, and have just released the new 2018 Life Goals and Business Goals Planners.

Click here for all the details and get your planners today. Place your order by Cyber Monday (November 27) and you’ll get the digital version(s) absolutely free!

What makes these planners different than the thousands of others you can find online or in stores? The 5 steps of the Life Editing Process are seamlessly woven throughout the pages so you can keep track of your progress as you delete, add, and rearrange the areas of your life.

It’s life editing made simple!

I can’t even explain the sheer amount of joy I feel every time I use my planners. They fit my Type A personality perfectly, and help me and my clients stay organized without the overwhelm.

Watch the video below to look inside the planners and check out the all-new “Seasons of Life Editing” theme.

Want to try before you buy?

I’ve created short preview PDFs of each of the Edited Year Planners so you can see the interior layouts and designs.

Click here to download the Life Goals Planner Preview.

Click here to download the Business Goals Planner Preview.

Click here to download the 12 Week Planner Preview. NOTE: The 12 Week Planner is only available to Silver Level members of the Life Editor Clubhouse membership site and only as a digital PDF.

Ready to edit your life?

CLICK HERE for all the details and order your 2018 planner today!