So Grateful for You! Enjoy These 3 Thanksgiving Freebies

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who are celebrating today!

I’ll be watching the parade on TV, eating multiple slices of vegan pumpkin pie, and snuggling with my two favorite people: my husband Chris and my pit bull Skyla.

Thanksgiving is a holiday to express gratitude for the blessings in your life. Your home and family, the freedoms you enjoy, and all the little things that light you up inside.

And it just so happens that building your gratitude foundation is Step 1 of the Life Editing Process. We always start our self-development journeys by saying “THANKS!” because noticing what’s working (instead of whining or complaining) will give us the strength to make bigger changes as we go along.

Today I want to show how thankful I am for you, Life Editor!

I wouldn’t be living my dream life without your continued support and encouragement. It’s an honor to wake up every day and share my message of life editing with the world.

Here are 3 Thanksgiving freebies for you to enjoy. Sorry, I can’t send pie through email, but these are just as sweet!

Thank You #1: Life Editing Action Plan (LEAP) Video Series

I just released a brand new 5-day video series that will teach you the 5 keys to life editing and create a step-by-step plan to achieve your biggest goals in 2018.

Yes, I’m ready to LEAP!

Thank You #2: Download Preview PDFs of all 3 Edited Year Planners

I’ve created short preview PDFs of each of the Edited Year Planners so you can see the interior layouts and designs. Now you can try before you buy!

Download the files on this page.

Thank You #3: Get the digital planner(s) when you order the printed ones by Cyber Monday

Place your planner order by Cyber Monday (November 27) and you’ll get the digital version(s) absolutely free!

CLICK HERE for all the details and order your 2018 planners today!

Thank you, Life Editor. Happy Editing!