It’s All Here and I’ve Never Shared This Before! (LEAP)

This past week has been the most fun I’ve had in a while, and it’s all because I released my new 5-day video series, your Life Editing Action Plan (LEAP).

Filming the series was a blast, and it gave me a chance to share new insights about the Life Editing Process. The new printable action plan ain’t too shabby either!

I just released the fifth and final video, and it’s about how to add self-care to your routine without feeling guilty.

Honestly, you deserve a break to replenish your energy! How are you supposed to be a good mom, wife, business owner, friend, or any other role if you’re completely stressed out?

Today’s video also has a real-life example from one of my clients who thought she had to do everything herself and get no sleep. She’s a totally new person now that she’s on the self-care bandwagon.

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Your Life Editing Action Plan (LEAP) video series will help you take a huge leap forward and learn the 5 keys to setting and finally achieving your BIG life and career goals in 2018.

  • In Video 1, we discussed why normal goal setting doesn’t work and how you can stop spinning your wheels.
  • In Video 2, I walked you through the framework that’s helped thousands of women make positive changes without the overwhelm.
  • In Video 3, we examined how gratitude can re-ignite your energy and why deleting your bad influences clears the path to success.
  • In Video 4, we simplified habit creation and learned how to reclaim our time.
  • In Video 5, we embraced self-care and put ourselves first so we can be of service to others.

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BONUS! Be sure to download your Life Editing Action Plan worksheet when you sign up. Every video has a new exercise to help you build your plan and pinpoint the changes you need to make next to live your best life.

I’ve never shared this video series before, and I feel in my gut that these action steps are the key to reaching your 2018 goals.

And stick around to the end where I share my productivity secret weapon.

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