Short-and-Sweet Unicorn Mini Bundles! Self-Care and Wealth

I’ve always believed that good things come in small packages. 

That’s probably because I’m only 5 feet tall, and it’s the first thing people notice about me.

True, there are some disadvantages to being short: I have a child-sized desk for my home office, I can’t reach my kitchen cabinet shelves, and I get unusually jittery after a single cup of coffee.

Nevertheless, I’m proud to be a pocket-sized powerhouse, and today I’m super excited to be participating in 2 short and sweet FREE MINI BUNDLES!

The Unicorn Mojo Mini Bundles aren’t stuffed with hundreds of random experts. They’re about less, not more, and include narrow niche freebies for hyper-focused results.

Check out the Self-Care Mini Bundle and the Wealth & Abundance Mini Bundle.


The Sacred Self: Honoring Your Divine Essence Through Self-Care Mini-Bundle is designed to help you wake up feeling energized and ready to conquer the day, radiating an inner glow that captures the attention of your loved ones and sets your business on fire. 

Resources Included In This FREE Bundle

  • Done For You Hashtag Vault for Self-Care
  • Practicing Self-Care Journal Discover the Power of Bach Flower Remedies Guide
  • Moon & Menstrual Charting Guide, Meditation, and Affirmation Cards
  • Sensual Gratitude Practice to Deepen Your Body-Love
  • Restore Your Energy with Intentional Weekends Mini-Workshop (this one’s BRAND NEW from me!)



The Soulful Riches: Nurturing Wholeness & Abundance from Within is a treasure trove of transformative resources carefully curated to help you focus your intention, repair your relationship with money, and harness the incredible power of Human Design. Prepare to manifest your deepest desires and be at peace with money like never before!

Resources Included In This FREE Bundle

  • Done For You Hashtag Vault for Wealth & Abundance
  • Focus Your Intention and Power to Create and Receive
  • The Peace with Money Program
  • Use Your Human Design to Stop Money Sabotaging Habits & Trust with Your Money eBook
  •  52 Weeks of Manifesting Magic (this one’s BRAND NEW from me!)


Ready to upgrade your self-care and attract wealth?

Get the Self-Care Mini Bundle and the Wealth & Abundance Mini Bundle now through Sunday, November 19, 2023.

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