NEW! Check Out the Clubhouse Classes for May 2021

Happy May!

This is your monthly reminder to check out all the new goodies in the Life Editor Clubhouse membership site.

This month’s training will help you reclaim your weekends instead of wasting them sitting on the couch watching reruns.

How to Plan Intentional Weekends

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In This Class

  • How to infuse intention into every part of your life.
  • Why our weekends are a mess and harming our well-being.
  • Why we need intentional weekends.
  • What to delete from your days off for a clean slate.
  • How to boost your happiness with positive weekend anchors.
  • Easy ways to schedule your weekends for maximum relaxation, productivity, and joy.

The start of a brand new month is a great time to visit the Clubhouse.

We’ve got dozens of video classes to help you set and achieve goals for every area of your life and business, weekly interactive group calls for extra support, and printable worksheets and planners to keep you organized.

New in the Life Editor Clubhouse

  • How to Plan Intentional Weekends
  • 5 Vision Board Mistakes and How to Fix Them
  • How to Be Your Authentic Self In Your Business
  • Bloom Where You Are Planted
  • When to Edit Your Routines and Schedules
  • Plus printable Action Plans for every class so you know exactly what to do next to be successful.

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5 Vision Board Mistakes and How to Fix Them

How a vision board relates to the law of attraction and habit creation, how to avoid common mistakes that sabotage your vision board’s power, and easy tips to make your vision board fit your personality and lifestyle. Join us. 

How to Be Your Authentic Self In Your Business

Why authentic businesses are more successful than cookie cutter ones, 3 reasons why being vulnerable can get you more sales, and 7 easy ways to be more authentic so you earn your followers’ trust. Join us.

Bloom Where You Are Planted

How to be happier by appreciating what you have; 4 reasons why you should bloom where you’re planted instead of always striving for more or “keeping up with the Joneses;” and easy ways to thrive right where you are in your business, in your relationships, and in your health. Join us. 

When to Edit Your Routines and Schedules

How to give yourself permission to rearrange your schedule instead of trying to do it all, the unmistakable clues that you may need to edit your routines, and how to make positive changes to save time and avoid burnout. Join us. 

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